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Vero Bielinski is a German Photographer, of Polish heritage, currently based in Germany. Bielinski received her Diploma in Photography and Communication Design from the University Hochschule Darmstadt in 2013. Bielinski studied under the tutelage of Professor Michael Kerstgens and Honorary Professor Barbara Klemm.

During her studies Bielinski spent the practical semester in New York City assisting photographer Ken Schles. In addition she studied 6 months at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Poland.

Through these experiences Bielinski was able to expand upon her already existing foundation in the arts. While in Kraków Bielinski focused on painting and print-making. Gaining skills and receiving exposure to the traditional methods and techniques of old Renaissance masters. In NYC she was given the opportunity to work and learn from renowned photographers, most notably Robert Frank. 

In her practice, Bielinski travels several months per year around the world to create photographic series. Her empathetic charisma and trustful way allows her to create approachable, raw, and honest portraits. Mostly, she documents various sub-cultures and the beautiful people that participate in them and is able to enter what may otherwise be a closed community to outsiders. The urban space is her stage to capture the wonders of reality.

Since 2012 Vero Bielinski has been working as an international freelance photographer. Her work has been exhibited in many shows and

awarded numerous prizes.

New Photobook! 

10 Jahre Poesie & Literaturfestival

published by Societäts Verlag

Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-06 um

ISBN: 978-3-95542-344-5

Size: 21,00 × 25,00cm

Pages: 112

Cover: softcover

Images: b/w 

Language: German

Price: 22€

Commercially available everywhere.

Order a signed book via e-Mail

ISBN: 978-3-7356-0177-3

Size: 22,00 × 27,00cm

Pages: 144

Cover: hardcover

Images: 62 in color, 15 b/w 

Language: Deutsch | Englisch

Price: 30€

Commercially available everywhere.

Order a signed book via e-Mail


Brooklyn Hipsters by Vero Bielinski

published by Kerber Verlag

Exhibitions & Awards

Diversity, solo show, Englische Kirche, Bad Homburg (GER)
Lensculture Critics' Choice Award 22', Editors' Pick - Lockdown Portrait
Diversity, solo show, Switchboard, Frankfurt (GER)
Lensculture Portrait Awards 22', Editors' Pick - Portrait of Robert Frank


Lockdown Portraits, solo show (outdoor), Gustavsgarten, Bad Homburg (GER)

Lockdown Portraits, Making Frankfurt, group show (outdoor) Frankfurt (GER)

Lockdown Portraits, Honorable Mention, IPA - Intl' Photography Awards (USA)

Lockdown Portraits, 2nd place in the category conceptual and group show,

Florida Museum Of Photographic Arts, Tampa (USA)


Gender&Diversity, solo show, Heussenstamm Gallery, Frankfurt (GER)

Diversity, project about team spirit, solo show, DLZ Taunus Sparkasse, Bad Homburg (GER)


Portraits of german actors reading literature, solo show, Kurhaus Bad Homburg (GER)

Portraits of german actors reading literature, solo show, Steigenberger Hotel, Bad Homburg (GER)


Brooklyn Hipsters, Charity Gala, solo show, w-tec AG, Bad Homburg (GER)


Fuck Gender, Slideluck, screening, Contact Gallery, Toronto (CAN)

Fuck Gender, Shortlist Canon Talent Award


Brooklyn Hipsters, Athen Photofestival, Photobook Exhibition, Benaki Museum (GR) 

Brooklyn Hipsters, Brighton Photo Fringe, Street Art Screening, Brighton (UK)

Brooklyn Hipsters, Paris Photo, Photobook presentation Kerber Verlag, Paris (F)

Brooklyn Hipsters, solo show, Gotisches Haus Bad Homburg (GER)

Portfolio solo show Vero Bielinski, Columbus Art Foundation, Ravensburg (GER)

Brooklyn Hipsters, solo show, muzeum fotografii, Bydgoszcz (PL)

Brooklyn Hipsters, photobook release & solo show, gallery bestregArts, Frankfurt a.M. (GER)

Women Of The World, concert photography of female performers, myZeil, Frankfurt a.M. (GER)


Brooklyn Hipsters, SeeMe group screening, Louvre, Paris (FRA)

Brooklyn Hipsters, Athen Photofestival, Shortlist (GR)

Brooklyn Hipsters, group show, Weitsicht Fotofestival, Darmstadt (GER)


World Photography Organisation, Award „Split Second“ (single image portrait), Somerset House, London (GB)

Brooklyn Hipsters, Noorderlicht International Photo Festival, group show, Leeuwarden (NL)

Brooklyn Hipsters, SCOPE Art Miami, screening, Miami (USA) 

Black and White concert photography, permanent solo exhibition, Speicher Kulturbahnhof, Bad Homburg (GER)

2013 and older

Portraits of sunday school kids, "Stand der Dinge", group show, Darmstadt (GER)

London, New York & The Hipsters, solo show, Creative Carree, Frankfurt a.M. (GER)

dEFORMATION (video), visionale, shortlist screening, Frankfurt am Main (GER)

Shine, shine, shine (video), Luminale Frankfurt, group show, Frankfurt a.M. (GER)

Melancholia, "Endzeit", group show, Pengland, Mainz (GER)

dEFORMATION (video), Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, group show, Darmstadt (GER)

Kids Of Cambodia, Semper Felix, solo show, Kraków (PL)

sehenswert, group show, Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Wiesbaden (GER)

Einsicht - portraits of prisoners, solo show, Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Wiesbaden (GER)

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